Healthy Schools Day (healthy eating)

We had a healthy eating day today where normal timetable was suspended and we did health related activities (we have healthy schools status!).

I was charged with the job of doing some science with fizzy drinks. The diet pop and mentos experiment seemed the logical choice. I purchased one of Steve Spangler’s geyser tubes to make the demonstration more spectacular (and thus more engaging to pupils). Pupils selected from either diet lemonade or diet cola and decided how many mentos they wanted to load the delivery tube with. At arms length the pin was pulled and the fountain set off. The clip below wasn’t the highest (or the smallest), nor was it one of the ones that showered pupils with pop – it was however the only one with no identifiable pupils in. (Teachertube clip here)

To finish off we watched the Eepybird videos and pupils compared their techniques to ours.