New KS3 Science Scheme

With the new slimmed down National Curriculum for Science comes a change in emphasis.  Quite wisely the QCA have decided that it is no longer acceptable to just fill children with facts that they will regurgitate in an exam.  There has been a change in emphasis from facts to skills.  Accompanying the statutory requirements is a new framework which gives helpful advice on progression through the key strands of science.

I looked at commercial schemes available from a number of publishers (who went to great lengths to send me sample packs/CDs in glossy folders).  Scratching beneath the surface many of these didn’t seem that different to what we did already.  I wanted a new scheme of work that broke away from the flawed (in my opinion) QCA modules we had been following.   I came upon the Wikid Science scheme from the ASE (which I found out about through the Upd8 site.) I was accepted to trial the new scheme and we piloted the “Cook” module – looking at cooking methods and the science behind them,

What I liked most about the new scheme was the way that pupils are given a role for a topic which sets science in an everyday context.  Since Wikid science was written after the publication of the new KS3 framework, How Science works is fully integrated throughout the scheme and referenced to the framework documents.  The final carrot was the adoption of Web 2.0 technologies to develop materials further through an online community (hence the name).  For those of you who haven’t seen the scheme you can find out about it here.

For those of you question the need for a change in the approach we take in science check out this video – Shift Happens.

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