Useful (and free) secondary science resources from SEP

Catalyst magazine

Free of charge (one copy) to registered users and available on affordable subscriptions for schools.  Articles about science in real life situations, science research and experiments to try yourself.   Intended to be read by secondary students, catalyst is written in a way that is interesting and easy to read.  I’d recommend signing up with SEP and ordering the next copy when available.  The current issue has articles on DNA testing remains in mass graves from WWII, Cloud seeding, spectroscopy, ant intelligence and many more.

SEP Publications (Mixing colours)

SEP publications are free of charge to registered users of the website and give valuable information and ideas to science teachers.  The current issue appeared in my pigeon hole this week and focuses on mixing colours.  The information is clearly presented and useful (especially useful if you are reading about something outside your subject area), and there are valuable teaching ideas including practical ideas.  You can order issues of previous publications for a reasonable price and also put your name down to receive the next one free of charge.

Update: I received word today that the materials are moving to a new home at the National Stem Centre.  Register now for more info.  Resources and past issues continue to be available from Mindsets.

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  1. I’ve signed up for these on the back of reading this and the resources have real potential to be useful. I also discovered the ‘Mindsets’ website (for interesting practical equipment) through SEP and ordered some ‘5-13 electricity kits’ they are fab!!! So Thankyou so much!!

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