Update: Six weeks since surgery (living with cauda equina syndrome)

Six weeks have flown since my operation.  I’ve had several return visits to the hospital and even a visit to my GP as well.

What’s happened since my last update?

  • I still haven’t gained nerve sensation in my legs or bladder/bowel function
  • My consultant seemed pleased with my progress.  I don’t have to go back for six weeks then I’m in the spinal clinic instead.
  • I’ve tried using a range of different intermittent catheters (and have the internet’s first catheter review scheduled to be published soon)
  • I’m still walking with a stick and tire quickly.  I walk at 1/2 to 2/3 of my old walking speed but daily exercise seems to be helping.
  • I’m not as wobbly as I was weeks ago but I still fall over
  • I’m still signed off work
  • My wound has totally healed although it hurts if I sit up for too long
  • I’ve started the exercises the physiotherapist gave me at the hospital

I would like to think I’m going to be back at work in another six weeks time.  Fingers crossed!