Where did your free teaching resources go?


You’ve probably come to this post because you are wondering where did my free resources go?  The good news is that I haven’t stopped sharing them, the bad news is that I’ve had to change the way I go about doing this.

Unfortunately technology moves very quickly and the wordpress plugin that I was using hasn’t been updated for several years and poses a security risk to my site (and in turn to visitors of my site).  This means I have had to look for a new way to make these files available.

The files are now hosted on Microsoft OneDrive in which I have plenty of storage.  More importantly it allows me to easily embed folder links into a WordPress page, and to update these folders without having to tinker with the site.  This isn’t as easy for Google Drive or Dropbox (who require a paid upgrade for the functionality I require).

Unfortunately I can’t just share my working folders as these contain copyrighted materials (from bought in resources) and modified versions of other teachers work (for example downloaded from the TES) that I am unable to give credit for.  I’ve taken the opportunity to group resources together and simplify the categories under which they are grouped. I realise that the new system is not as convenient as the old but there a limited number of free plugins available on WordPress which provide the functionality I need.

If you have any questions about the change, or you think you know a better way of sharing my resources then please let me know by leaving a comment below.

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  1. Found your resources when doing search when I started at SEN school, they suit my ELC and G-D grade students perfectly and saves me the job! Thank you

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