An accreditation pathway for SEN students


I blogged recently about the lack of suitable courses for my students at KS4.   Having discussed the options with teaching professionals, the exam boards and my governing body we have decided to run with a single science GCSE (and entry level).

The rationale for our decision can be seen in this presentation which I put together showing the key points.

I’d be interested to hear what other schools are doing with their SEN students at KS4.

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  1. Hi Rob, I too teach secondary science at a special needs school and have had to search for the best options for my students regarding GCSEs. I have decided to run with ELC and Biology GCSE but was under the impression from AQA that they would need to sit the Triple science exams at foundation level. Are you planning to just have your student sit the Biology exams from the trilogy combined sciences? This would be much more accessible for my students. Looking forward to your reply.
    Lisa Edwards
    Oakgrove College, Worthing, West Sussex.

    1. No. We are just doing GCSE biology. Both OCR and Pearson have recommended this option – you could check with the boards or even your union for clarification if you want to hear for yourself ? The exams are the killer for my students – high stakes assessment regimes and SEN students don’t mix!

  2. Which exam board have you decided to use? I meant I thought if I want to just offer Biology GCSE that it would have to be the triple biology not the double, if it is to count as a stand alone GCSE. By the way thanks for such a prompt reply on a weekend night! Only time I get to think things through.

    1. Looking like AQA for everything (we move as a trust) but should still count in the EBacc bucket as far as I know! Following an appropriate close should trump points though ?

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