New Year Resolution complete – new resources uploaded

I noticed that the TES resources have had a holiday sale.  I recently tweeted about paid-for TES resources as I find it totally bizarre how teachers are expected to purchase resources without being able to inspect them properly first.  Previewing is an important requirement as I reject 75% of the resources I download as they don’t suit my current setting.

Thinking about this I’ve spent a couple of evenings sorting through my resources and have uploaded many of them to the pages on this site. Unfortunately there are resources that I can’t upload, many have had to be compressed or have video clips removed in order to put them online.

Please take a moment to read the copyright information and get in touch if you find something that needs removing (for dodgy science or for any other reason) or if you can’t find what you are looking for.

I hope you find these resources useful – remember I don’t charge for these resources and would actively encourage others to do the same.