Resource author profile – @TJohns85

This is the second in a series of articles talking to authors who write or share science teaching resources. Some of these authors have chosen not to reveal their identities and some are happy to be identified.

An interview with Tom @TJohns85 

Tell me about your background – subject, phase, experience Secondary Science

9th year at the chalkface

Held a TLR (whole school) for 5 years

Where in the country do you teach?  Academy (MAT?) or LA school? Southwest, Academy
What sort of resources do you share? I shared paid resources which I specifically make to sell – these are not just powerpoints but mainly ‘interactive notebook foldables’ and quizzes. They are a bit like creating and selling a book. Most of my TES resources, however, are free
Where do you share them? TES, own site, other paid site, within school, subject association? TES and TpT

Free within school/department

Do you get paid for creating your resources? Do you sell or charge for your resources? See question 3 above
How lucrative has sharing/selling your resources been? I cant retire on it however it is enough to pay for a family holiday in the summer.
Do you know how many downloads or how widely shared your resources have been? On TES

All (paid and free)  resources as of 12/11/17

Views 473590

Downloads 208186

Paid for purchases 1000+ (over 2 years)

Why do you share your resources? I have added free resources since my PGCE – I decided long and hard to ‘sell’ some as they were a little bit different. No one forces any to purchase the resource and many take hours and hours (as does writing a book)
What advice would you give to other would be resource authors out there? Find a niche, don’t just upload powerpoints.

Don’t use rip off TES, price fair and be open and honest

Anything other comments Please link to my blog post – joining the dark side


You can find Tom’s resources here on the TES