Resource author profile – fiendishlyclever

This is the first in a series of articles talking to authors who write or share science teaching resources. Some of these authors have chosen not to reveal their identities and some are happy to be identified.

An interview with myself – Rob Butler

Tell me about your background – subject, phase, experience I’m a secondary science teacher by training. I’ve taught in a secondary age special school for 20 years teaching up to GCSE level
Where in the country do you teach?  Academy (MAT?) or LA school? I teach in a special school academy in Mansfield in the East Midlands. We are part of a small MAT
What sort of resources do you share? I’ve uploaded many of my earlier resource to the TES and my own site. These are resources I’ve made in the course of my own teaching. The resources are a mix of powerpoints, word files and non-editable PDF files.
Where do you share them? TES, own site, other paid site, within school, subject association? I used the resources to drive traffic to my own site but then the TES offered a bulk upload for me and so now offer my resources on there too. Hopefully, I’ll have lots more resources to share after Christmas as I will have more time to sort through what I have and share any which are 100% my own creation.
Do you get paid for creating your resources? Do you sell or charge for your resources? I’ve made a very small amount of money from Google Adsense which covers the hosting but not enough to think of it as a revenue stream. I’m considering offering paid resources through the TES after Christmas.
How lucrative has sharing/selling your resources been? At the peak (when everyone was doing BTEC Science to boost their performance scores) I could make £20 a month from advertising on my website. I’m lucky to make a quarter of that these days!
Do you know how many downloads or how widely shared your resources have been? I’ve no idea how many times the resources have been downloaded from my site but I’ve passed over half a million downloads from the TES. I’ve been at meetings before where people have recognised me from my resources/website.
Why do you share your resources? To save other teachers having to reinvent the wheel and to share (what I hope is) good practice
What advice would you give to other would be resource authors out there?
  • Keep resources simple
  • Think of the presentation – some look a bit naff
  • Use images approved for reuse
  • Think of what teachers need to know – link to schemes of work and specifications etc.
Anything other comments I’d like to hear from teachers as I start the next chapter in my life what resources are missing from their collection? What resources would they pay for? How much are teachers willing to pay for resources?