Vocal recall – an easy app to give verbal feedback to students

Update: Vocal Recall is no more – I’ll update this post and review the replacement app when it is available. I’ve always liked to maintain control of as much of my content as possible (it’s why I host my own website) I hope the Phoenix rises from the ashes of Vocal recall soon.

Original post: 

Feedback is a key driver for improvement. Students know what they have done well and what they need to improve upon,  however, feedback can be time-consuming when given individually.

That’s where this app comes into play. The teacher installs the app on their smart device (link here).  The first step is to order a set of QR codes which can be delivered by email or bought through Amazon. Within seconds I’d got two sheets of QR codes delivered by email and was ready to try the software out.

The interface is basic but effective – you start off by recording your verbal feedback on your phone.  You can play back your feedback – it does get easier recording verbal feedback once you get used to it and start to feel less self-conscious.

Once your feedback is recorded you hit the upload button and you are asked to scan a QR code and name your recording (you can hit ok and save it with a filename of the date and time of recording for simplicity).

That’s it – the student would scan the QR code which launches a URL with an audio player which will play the clip on a suitable device.  The quality of the audio is a little tinny but it’s perfectly acceptable and easy to make out the speech.


If you want to save the hassle/expense of printing onto stickers you could simply get the students to stick the QR codes in their books at the start/end of a lesson so they are ready for you to use to record feedback.  This method also has the advantage that students can listen to their feedback over and over.

Vocal Recall has tried to address any privacy concerns in their privacy policy but I’d avoid giving personal details in the message as a simple precaution, and remember that your feedback can be recorded and shared to a wider audience so be careful what you say!

The biggest barrier to adoption would be students having an appropriate smart device to use to scan the QR code and they need a QR reader installed.  Don’t take my word for it – give it a go (I have no connection to Vocal Recall – I just happened to come across it when surfing)