I should really mention the Linux firmware running on my router – which is dd-wrt. It gives many features not available in the stock Buffalo firmware which came installed on my router. I use the detailed port forwarding, support for DynDNS (who host my domain), loopback and numerous other features. Unfortunately it only supports routers with certain chipsets – have a look at (and be sure to read their wiki if you use torrents!).

Added wiki address since I’m getting lots of hits –

New hardware

I finally took the plunge. After dithering about what to buy I finally purchased a Dell SC440 server (which was on special offer!). I swapped out the 2×80Gb drives that came supplied with 2×500Gb drives of the same type (Western Digital). I tried several different Linux distros (after toying with the idea of Windows XP Pro/Windows home server) and settled on my favourite Ubuntu Server (64 bit). This server is now hosting this blog, serving files to my networked pcs, running torrentflux for those TV downloads and may perhaps soon be doing more. Any suggestions for extra uses welcomed.