What should a KS4 science curriculum look like for SEND learners?

  I’ve been reflecting on the curriculum for SEND learners, and regular readers of my blog will know that I’ve written lots about the KS4 curriculum before. Previous posts have been written from the point of view of a classroom practitioner but now I’m looking in from the outside. I’ve met lots of teachers and […]

GCSE 1-3 students – the forgotten cohort?

Download the GCSE Insight report for your subject >> https://t.co/anzLij5rPK pic.twitter.com/zSN1CJ32BS — AQA (@AQA) November 2, 2018 AQA recently released some very useful documents that gave feedback on the  2018 new-specification GCSE exams. As well as including common mistakes made by students, the documents gave entry numbers and grade breakdowns for each of the science […]

Double or triple science? – questions your department should be asking

Combined science or triple science? Schools have been faced with this conundrum for years and debate over which pathway is best for which students is nothing new. The BBC published an article (with a nice interactive map) in 2015 suggesting that the curriculum offer varies according to where you live in the country including the […]