Practical lessons

I was tidying up some files and I found these.  I’d taken them specially with no pupils in the frame and thought I’d show them on here. The floating paperclip experiment The pupils love this experiment – it seems magical even though they know what should happen.  Pupils slide different materials between the magnet and […]

Healthy Schools Day (healthy eating)

We had a healthy eating day today where normal timetable was suspended and we did health related activities (we have healthy schools status!). I was charged with the job of doing some science with fizzy drinks. The diet pop and mentos experiment seemed the logical choice. I purchased one of Steve Spangler’s geyser tubes to […]

Assessment for Learning

It’s amazing how many people I meet on my travels who struggle with the concept of assessment for learning (AfL). Some people think it’s a new invention, others think that it is something that must be shoe-horned into schemes of work in a formulaic way along with a 3 part lesson. Some people get obsessed […]