Reduced scale chemistry – the way forward for saving money?

Times are hard.  With resources being diverted to save front line staff, money to pay for chemicals and practical activities may be reduced.  I’ve come across reduced scale chemistry before (at ASE events) but was impressed by this video from CLEAPSS that I decided to give it a go. Like all good science teachers I […]

Pepping up teaching the electromagnetic spectrum for SEN students

We’ve been looking at the EM spectrum this week which is difficult with SEN students who find the idea incredibly hard to grasp. To make this topic more hands on we’ve done a series of practical lessons looking at different types of waves.  Perhaps you’ll have time to squeeze a few of these in – […]

The importance of science induction sessions for the KS2-3 transition

Induction days are an important part of the academic timetable for science teachers.  They provide an opportunity for science teachers to weigh up the scientific ability of prospective students (and to map it to teacher assessed levels if these have been provided in advance).  Our new intake recently spent the morning with us and the […]