Wikid Science and Google Apps

We are following the Forensics module of the ASE’s Wikid Science.  As part of one of the lessons pupils had to write a press release.  We decided to use our real science skills and work collaboratively – using Google Docs to work on the same document at once.

Each pupil in year 7 logged on to Google Docs (Education Edition) and loaded up the template I had created (with colour coding for each pupil).  Pupils each completed their own section of the press release and could see the updates from their friends in real time.

We would recommend Google Docs to other schools.  The price is right – FREE (but bear in mind a maximum of 10 people can work on a document at once).

SATS analysis with Google Docs

I was conducting a question level analysis of our national curriculum tests, looking for topics where there were difficulties (and comparing how pupils with ASD performed in how science works questions).

Having devised a template on Excel I proceeded to enter data for my pupils.  Having completed the task it dawned on me that there would have been an easier way.

Once I had created the spreadsheet I could have used Google Forms and had the pupils enter their own data into the spreadsheet.  This would save considerable time with a large mainstream class, it is also a good way to collate other examination marks or even comments written on work.

Maybe next time I’ll remember to use Google Docs.