More SEN science worksheets uploaded

I’ve uploaded the rest of my KS3 collection of worksheets and all of my KS4 entry level collection.
I was surprised to see how few worksheets I had that were of a quality that I would want to publish on here (or how many were not complete with diagrams scanned in etc).
I plan on adding my AQA GCSE resources next.

Edit: Sept 08 – Follow this link to see where my files are currently hosted

River Trent flooding under Harrington Bridge, Sawley

We’ve had lots of rain in the UK over the last few days. River levels have been getting higher and we’ve been a little concerned about the risk of flooding. Having not been able to see the extent of the flooding during daylight (I’m always at work!), I managed to see today how far the flood water extends. These are some of the photos I took with my phone. Full sized photos are in this gallery:

Trent flooding under Harrington Bridge


I should really mention the Linux firmware running on my router – which is dd-wrt. It gives many features not available in the stock Buffalo firmware which came installed on my router. I use the detailed port forwarding, support for DynDNS (who host my domain), loopback and numerous other features. Unfortunately it only supports routers with certain chipsets – have a look at (and be sure to read their wiki if you use torrents!).

Added wiki address since I’m getting lots of hits –