Curriculum design and assessment (including accreditation)

Rob has experience of a designing whole school curriculum to meet the needs of learners at the academy and ensure that learners gain a suite of qualifications that enhance their life chances.  Rob also has experience in designing assessment systems across a range of schools to ensure that teachers can plan for progression, and also so that governors can hold school leaders to account.

Ofsted said “The school’s curriculum is aspirational, broad and balanced. Leaders have designed a programme of study that provides pupils with a wide range of skills. These skills encompass both the academic and pastoral needs of the pupils. For example, in food technology, leaders have designed a series of lessons that capture pupils’ imagination and interests.”

Rob has carried out the role of Examinations Officer for JCQ centres, with a commendation from JCQ for three years of being consistently in line with JCQ regulations. Rob has also carried out a variety of quality assurance roles for other awarding bodies including Aim Awards, NCFE and Pearson’s BTECs.

Rob has worked with several schools across Nottinghamshire to develop bespoke science curricula for students at KS3 and KS4 to meet the needs of a variety of settings and external qualifications.

If you want Rob to work with your team to develop your curriculum, assessment or accreditation please complete the form.  This could be:

  • Curriculum design for progress and inclusion – 1:1 or with departments
  • Accreditations for low attaining learners or those with SEND
  • Assessment and demonstrating progress for SEND students and vulnerable groups
  • Boosting attainment through effective processes in school