Assessment without levels

Background National Curriculum levels were consigned to the history books last September or so was the intention of the government when it launched its new curriculum.  I’ve been in contact with science teachers all over the country and most are still gathering information about what assessment should look like and formulating a way forward. I’ve […]

#ASEchat summary – Planning for the new national curriculum and assessment without levels

A transcript of the chat can be found here. Although a similar topic was discussed only a few weeks before, the issue of the new national curriculum and what will replace the levels as a progress and accountability measure is still worrying lots of science teachers. @cleverfiend referred to his recent visit to the DfE […]

A new way of working from the DFE? My thoughts on my visit there today (@educationgovuk)

I was fortunate enough to be invited to the HQ of the DFE in London today. I’m still not exactly sure why I was one of the few to be invited but I am grateful for the opportunity. An unexpected bonus for attending was that Liz Truss, the minster with responsibility for the new national […]