Technology in science – the Motic WiFi microscope (first impressions)

I’ve been meaning to buy a new microscope for ages.  My students struggle with microscopes (as do I as a spectacle wearer) so I’ve been keeping my eye out for something that makes life easier.  Credit to Catherine Mellor from Timstar who dropped me a catalogue off at work and then gave me a demonstration […]

The Christmas lesson – I’ve given in this year (free resources)

Last year I didn’t bother with Christmas lessons (bah humbug I hear you say!) although I did the classic Cookie mix up the year before. I recently followed a link on an email from the RSC which led me to this delightful page and I thought that I would give this a shot with my […]

Reduced scale chemistry – the way forward for saving money?

Times are hard.  With resources being diverted to save front line staff, money to pay for chemicals and practical activities may be reduced.  I’ve come across reduced scale chemistry before (at ASE events) but was impressed by this video from CLEAPSS that I decided to give it a go. Like all good science teachers I […]