Where did your free teaching resources go?

You’ve probably come to this post because you are wondering where did my free resources go?  The good news is that I haven’t stopped sharing them, the bad news is that I’ve had to change the way I go about doing this. Unfortunately technology moves very quickly and the wordpress plugin that I was using […]

Useful (and free) secondary science resources from SEP

Catalyst magazine Free of charge (one copy) to registered users and available on affordable subscriptions for schools.  Articles about science in real life situations, science research and experiments to try yourself.   Intended to be read by secondary students, catalyst is written in a way that is interesting and easy to read.  I’d recommend signing […]

Science teaching in England–an overview

The intention of this post is to give an introduction to the state of science education in England.  I am interested in how science education works in other countries and was hoping that this could be the first in a series of blog posts comparing science education around the world. (Since devolution of power to […]