Visiting Beijing – again

A teacher who has the opportunity to visit China is very fortunate.  This was my 3rd visit to China in 18 months which makes me extremely lucky indeed. 

I had applied for TIPD funding for myself and 3 other members of the staff to go on a fact finding visit to Beijing School for the Blind.  I was blown away by the extremely hospitable and generous nature of the staff from our host school who went to great lengths to show us their culture as well as their school. 

We managed to visit all of the Beijing cultural attractions – the Great Wall, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace, Beihai Park, the Olympic Village, The Hutongs, Wang Fujin street and so on. 

We also spent a great deal of time in Beijing School for the Blind looking at their lessons, policies and teaching pedagogies.  What amazed me most was the rate of progress over the 12 months since I last visited.  The staff, buildings and teaching were excellent – I’d be more than happy to work there myself.  We also had a a brief tour of two other special schools, both again with dedicated and compassionate staff.

Chinese education is moving forward at a tremendous pace.  Chinese SEN education is moving forward even faster.  At the moment Chinese SEN teachers are learning techniques and strategies from us, but in a few years we could well find that the tables are turned.

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